About IxDA Oslo

IxDA Oslo is a cross-disciplinary hub for inspiration, discussion, debate and exploration in the fields of user experience, interaction design, service design and product management.

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We currently have 5000+ members. Sign up at Meetup to become a member, it's free.

What do we offer?

We offer you – the hobbyist, student or professional – a forum for connecting with your peers and learning from some of the nicest and smartest people around.

Since our founding in 2003, we have produced more than 150 events, ranging from meetups and workshops to conferences, movie screenings, retreats, and more.

Want to talk at one of our events?

Do you have a theme, topic or project you are passionate about and would like to present at one of our events? Fill in your information here, and we will get in touch.

Sponsors provide vital support

Our sponsors, the IxDA Oslo Directors Club, provide financial support that enables us to produce high-quality events for our community.

Our sponsors also provide us with organizational support in our efforts to scale up interaction design, service design and product management education / training in Norway.

Volunteers make it happen

Behind IxDA Oslo's events and activities, you will find a team of dedicated volunteers who spend hundreds of hours a month working on events and scaling up our organization. It is thanks to the contribution of our volunteers present and past that we have become one of the largest and most professional IxDA groups in the world.

Would you like to contribute as a volunteer? Please send an email to lene.gaupen@ixda.no

Organization details

We are an association registered in Brønnøysund. Our business address is Fjellveien 24, 1532 Moss, Norway.