The State of Product in Norway

How is product management done in Norway today?

In the last five years, there has been an uptick in product manager roles and we have seen a shift from project teams to product teams. How do these teams work? Do they follow similar processes? How do they use research and metrics?

To find out, we have teamed up with Marius Røstad and Ida Aalen and created a survey that looks at how product management is done in Norway today.

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The survey takes 5–7 minutes to complete. We do not collect any personal information in this survey.

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What's in the survey?

The survey asks how product management is organized where you work; what the process looks like, how decisions are made, how input is gathered, what role research plays, and more.

We will be releasing our findings in June 2023, so please be sure to contribute before the survey closes.

Who is behind this?

This survey has been created by Marius Røstad and Ida Aalen. IxDA Oslo is promoting it with them and the team at

Data processing details

We are using Typeform to run the survey. Marius Røstad is the data processor for the survey. Questions about the survey can be directed to