Beyond the screen: Designing for mixed reality

On 25 April 2023, IxDA Oslo presented an event about designing for VR, featuring talks by experts Gregor Finger and Kai Reaver.

This event was made possible with the support of our sponsors

Recordings will be released soon.


Gregor Finger

Gregor is the co-founder of Appear, a tool to enable intuitive and fast prototyping of interactive spatial user experiences.

He will share how he learned to design for XR, what he would do differently today – and what he want to do differently tomorrow.

Gregor has more than 8 years of experience designing and prototyping for mixed reality. His work includes next-gen AR/VR products and research for clients like IKEA, SPACE10, BMW and others.

Kai Reaver

Architect, researcher and interaction designer Kai Reaver will present cross-disciplinary case work at the intersection of mixed reality and participatory urban planning.

He will share examples of how understanding people's real experience of the world and their ideas for the future can influence design methodology and practices.

Kai is a Ph.D. researcher at AHO, and Head of Architecture at The National Association of Norwegian Architects.