Book launch:  The Materials of Service Design

Book launch: The Materials of Service Design

Design is about forming, but what are we forming when we design services? This is the theme of the book The Materials of Service Design in which the materials of service design are explored, presented, categorised and discussed.

Join us and the authors; Simon Clatworthy, Josina Vink, Jonathan Romm, Claire Dennington and Ted Matthews, for an evening filled with presentations about the book, discussions as well as an optional mini-workshop.

There will be free food and drinks, and a discount voucher for those wanting to buy a copy of the book.

Acclaim for the book

'If design is about forming materials, then what are the materials of service Design? The Materials of Service Design is a ground-breaking study that fully explores this question by establishing a discourse around the materials of service design, discussing materials as a means to study what service design is and could be.'

— John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review/Library Bookwatch

'Fundamentally, designers should understand the materials with which they work, how they fit together and interact. The Materials of Service Design is at once rigorous, readable and practically applicable. It is essential reading for anyone working in the field, valuable to practitioners and academics alike.'

— Andy Polaine, Design Leadership Coach

'Finally demystified, with rigor and clarity! This book offers the most crystalized and designerly understanding of the persistent question around Service Design, "what to design with and for". This book will redefine what you think you know about Service Design and bring new dimensions to disciplinary and professional identities and educational visions of Service Design. A must-read for anyone who wishes to do Service Design rightly.' — Jung Joo Lee, National University of Singapore

About the speakers

Simon Clatworthy

Simon Clatworthy

Simon is professor of interaction design at AHO, holds a PhD in Design and an MBA in design management.

Josina Vink

Josina Vink

Josina is an Associate Professor in service design at AHO with expertise in health systems transformation, and holds a PhD in Design.

Josina teaches hands-on service design studio courses, tutors students completing their Master’s diplomas and supervises PhD students in service design.

They are also the Design Lead for the Center for Connected Care (C3), a long-term research collaboration with municipalities, hospitals and companies focused on catalysing health innovation in Norway.

Jonathan Romm

Portrait of Jonathan with arms crossed and glasses

Jonathan is a practicing designer and an Associate Professor at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). He is currently engaged as a partner, senior service designer and consultant at Halogen. He holds a PhD in Design.

Claire Dennington

Claire Dennington

Claire works as a UX Manager at Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces. She holds a Master's degree and a PhD in Design from AHO.

Ted Matthews

Ted Matthews

Ted is the Chair of Service Design at AHO and holds a PhD in Design. His work focuses on the design of experience-centric services in professional football, tourism, finance, and more.

Ted is concerned with the value of rituals, symbols, community and their myths as materials for the design for heightened and meaningful service experiences responding to broader socio-cultural needs and community identity.