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Design Systems Hour Nº 5 :: FINN

Fabric: the cloth that binds us all together, the foundation of everything we build upon, or maybe it's just a catchy name that fits nicely alongside FINN? You decide.

For FINN, Fabric is an effort to fine-tune their design system, a spring cleaning of sorts, with the main areas of focus being:

  • Improving the quality of visual design in FINN
  • Creating clearer, more structured design guidelines and documentation
  • Gathering it all in one place
  • Refining our components libraries
  • Controlling what should and shouldn't be added to the design system
  • Creating a more collaborative environment for designers and developers

You can explore Fabric on your own at

About the speakers

Adrian "Adi" Dick

As the visual design team lead in FINN's UX department, Adi provides creative direction for the designers, and works together with the platform web team on Fabric, FINN's design system. He spends most of his time fine-tuning FINN's UI design and shared design libraries, mentoring designers, and working with the rest of the UX leader group to create a fun and engaging environment for designers in FINN.

Richard Walker

Richard is a frontend developer for on the platform web team where he helps other teams, across the company, to build and compose together performant, consistent user interfaces. In his day to day, he works a lot on Finn's frontend open-source projects, Podium, Eik, and Fabric. In this talk Adi and Richard reflect on their design systems journey so far, the challenges they have encountered and how they have tackled them.