The Nomono Sound Capsule in use by four people sitting around a table

Designing tools for great storytelling

This event has ended. The recording will be released soon!

For meetup Nº 152, we invited Nomono and Heydays, winners of this year’s IxDA Prize (Hedersprisen fra IxDA) and the 2023 SXSW Innovation Award - Audio for their work on the Sound Capsule and cloud-based podcast editing studio.

In this talk, Nomono’s Chief Design Officer Viktor Rydal and Heydays’s Digital director Henrik Fjeldberg shared how they and their teams turned a new noise cancellation technology into a new product category.

In this talk, we learned how Viktor, Henrik and their teams:

  • invented a new product that made recording and editing a podcast a lot less work, and easy to do anywhere
  • put the user first, shaping the technology to suit their needs and goals — and not the other way around
  • created an approachable product with a clear value proposition by combining expertise in hardware, advanced machine learning and design
  • turned spatial audio — a niche technology for audiophiles — into a powerful and easy-to-use tool for creators
  • created a distinct visual style that differentiates Nomono and works across physical interfaces, apps, web services and marketing

About the speakers

Viktor Rydal

Photo of Viktor Rydal

Viktor joined Nomono as Chief Design Officer in 2019, focusing on creating tools for great storytelling. At Nomono, he has played a key role in developing an ecosystem that simplifies audio production, enabling content creators to focus on the creative aspects of storytelling.

Viktor's expertise in design extends from hardware to software, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience throughout the customer journey. He previously served as lead designer at Flowmotion and holds a Masters degree in industrial design engineering from NTNU.

Henrik Fjeldberg

Photo of Henrik Fjeldberg

Henrik is Digital Director at Heydays, and has worked on printed matter, digital products, brand- and product strategies since 2008.

He believes in shaping digital products that help us stay focused and present in everyday life, combining ethics and aesthetics for long-term social sustainability.

About Nomono

Nomono is a Norwegian tech startup founded in 2019. They provide a smarter way to create audio content from recording to publishing.

By combining spatial audio and intelligent processing, the hardware-software solution enables storytellers to create content with immersive sound and better audibility for their listeners — all in a seamless user experience.

Nomono won the SXSW Innovation Award for audio in 2023, Nomono's vision is to make voices heard by removing barriers between people and technology.