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New money: Designing digital central bank currencies

Can digital cash save the planet?

Money runs the world. So why not use currencies to shape the world we want?

This is the premise of Glenn Sæstad award winning master thesis from 2022.

Glenn will show us how Digital Central Bank Currencies could be used as a tool for reaching UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For this project, Glenn was awarded with the Honorary award for design excellence from DOGA in 2023, the most high ranking design award from Design and Architecture Norway.

Join us for a introduction to the world of digital currencies, and a great example of speculative and strategic design.


17:00 Doors open

17:30 Kahoot quiz!

18:00 Talk starts

18:40 Q + A

19:00 Hang out and grab a drink in the bar!

20:00 Doors closes

The recording of the talk will be published soon.

About the speaker

Glenn Sæstad

Portrait of Glenn with long hair and a gray sweater

Glenn Sæstad is a partner and strategic designer at Lokalt Byrå, a design studio using design to help local communities shape joyful and sustainable everyday lives.

Glenn also teaches at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and received DOGAs honorary mark for outstanding use of design and architecture for his masters thesis from 2022.

About Lokalt Byrå

Lokalt Byrå helps local communities to plan and design more sustainable lives, together.