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Ruter Design System

Design Systems Hour Nº 3 :: Ruter

In our third episode, we are taking a close look at Ruter's design system. Ruter provides public transport to the greater Oslo region and already has a well-established brand, product, and design system.

Joining us from Ruter is design systems lead Sally Renshaw. She will be sharing how they have placed collaboration at the center of their design system. Enabling them to reach the ambition of providing sustainable freedom of movement for everyone.

Sally has over 10 years of experience in the field of service design. She loves to work as part of a big team and is a bit of a design system and Figma nerd.

Joining Sally for the Q&A are some key members of the team at Ruter. Designer Ingrid Hagelund, and developer Elise Fehn Unsvåg.

About the speakers

Sally Renshaw

Image of Sally Renshaw

Sally leads the design system team at Ruter, and has over 10 years experience in the field of service design. She loves to work as part of a big team, and is a bit of a design systems and figma nerd. Sally considers herself an ecosocialist, with a passion for the environment and equality.

Ingrid Hagelund

Image of Ingrid Hagelund

Ingrid has a background as a designer, and has much love for systematic design approach and therefore designsystems.

Elise Fehn Unsvåg

Image of Elise Unsvåg

Elise has background in development and has for some time worked in the border of designsystems.

About Ruter As

Ruter plans, coordinates, orders and markets public transport in Oslo and former Akershus (now part of Viken county). All transport services are performed by various operating companies on the company's behalf.

Ruter As