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Special Guest: Matt Jones

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The Cloud vs The Grid

These two metaphors have a powerful hold over us. They are not just metaphors, but the largest machines that humans have designed and made. The impact they have on our planet is huge.

What happens when they come together? Could that be what helps create a more viable future?

Matt Jones has designed things in the cloud for the last 25 years, but for the last two years he’s been focused on changing how we power our lives with the electrical grid at Lunar Energy.

Matt talked about projects from across all that time in the cloud — and where thinking about the grid could point us next.

About the speaker

Matt Jones

Portrait of Matt Jones

Matt Jones is Principal Designer at Lunar Energy, a renewable energy tech company with offices in Mountain View, USA and London UK. He works across all brand, product and experience design there.

He is a designer with a broad range of experience delivering both digital and physical products/services since 1995.

From 2009 to 2013 he was a principal and partner at BERG, a product invention company in London that spearheaded the development of cloud-connected products with exemplars like Little Printer, Cloudwash and Mag+.

Through the experimental projects he led at BERG he helped invent new ways of interacting with the digital layer of the world around us.

His work at Google continued this theme, with projects that showed what can be achieved by bringing together experts in art, technology and design.

Matt was one of the founders and lead designer of, a service for frequent travellers which was sold to Nokia in 2009. At Nokia, he drove design research, working on areas as diverse as RFID/NFC applications of tangible/physical interfaces and the human universal experience of play. Then, transferring that work to the business-facing side of design — as Director of User-Experience Design for the Multimedia Division of Nokia Design, part of the team responsible for driving the Nokia Nseries user-experience.

He has also been a creative director and team-builder for award-winning services like BBC News Online, and Sapient's London studio. Matt teaches and lectures at the RCA, AHO Oslo, CIID Copenhagen and Goldsmiths, London. His writings on interaction design, comic books and planetary-scale, self-replicating robot dogs can be found at

About Lunar Energy

Lunar Energy was founded to transition homes to 100% clean energy—making our electricity greener, our air cleaner and our energy more safe, secure and reliable for all.

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