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Ruter: Adapting to our customers' needs

Marius Røstad will in his opening keynote discuss the challenges Ruter has gone through recently and how design systems can help in solving such challenges; from working with more traditional methods and tools to more effective ones, where the services are expected to be at the standard of the very best solutions in the world, and meet the needs of the customers – at all time.

About the speaker

Marius Røstad

Photo of Marius Røstad

Marius has been working in product management both nationally and internationally the last 15 years, and is the prime responsible for the survey Product in Norway.

He has always had an interest in how product management is integral to delivering delightful experiences to the users, and critical to achieving business goals.

He is currently Chief Product Officer at Aidn, a Norwegian health tech scale-up, scaling the product division 5x over the last year.

Previously, he was responsible for establishing product management and product design in Ruter, and where they launched the new digital products that is the new mobility solution for everyone in Oslo and Viken.

Before Ruter, he co-founded Nimber, a collaborative delivery platform that connects people who need to send something with people going that same way.

About Ruter As

Ruter plans, coordinates, orders and markets public transport in Oslo and former Akershus (now part of Viken county). All transport services are performed by various operating companies on the company's behalf.

Ruter As