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Adopting a planet-centric mindset

Being a designer in 2022 requires us to take our influence and power in shaping the future more seriously, so we make sure what we bring to the world has a positive impact on people, society and planet.

In this talk, Idun Aune of frog shares her perspective on what the five foundations of a planet-centric mindset are and discusses how frog is working on building this mindset, internally and with clients.

About the speaker

Idun Aune

Portrait photo of Idun Aune

Idun Aune is a lead designer at frog, working on building up planet centric design practice and culture in Norway and at frog globally.

After working in the service design space for many years she integrated her passion for equity for people, society and planet into her design practice and is now helping organisations build a planet centric mindset in order to tackle the today’s greatest challenges.

About frog

frog is a leading global creative consultancy, part of Capgemini Invent. Partnering with passionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, frog applies creativity, strategy, design, and data to re-invent businesses, drive growth, and orchestrate customer centric transformation. Together we strive to shape a regenerative future that is both sustainable and inclusive for businesses, people, and planet.