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An introduction to designing for complexity

Marie Van den Bergh of frog shows how design can operate in complex contexts where problems have no final "solutions".

When only improvements and alterations are possible, what is a "fix"? When we know that the solutions we create can lead can to new, unforeseen issues, how do we go about designing?

As Marie points out in the talk, "Design for Complexity is not new". She takes us with her on her own journey of discovering, navigating in, and then coaching others in this different way of designing.

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About the speaker

Marie Van den Bergh

Portrait of Marie Van den Bergh

Marie is passionate about Systemic design and Complexity work. Through her work as design researcher and coach at the Systemic Design Lab at TU Delft she has developed knowledge and experience into this field.

About frog

frog is a leading global creative consultancy, part of Capgemini Invent. Partnering with passionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, frog applies creativity, strategy, design, and data to re-invent businesses, drive growth, and orchestrate customer centric transformation. Together we strive to shape a regenerative future that is both sustainable and inclusive for businesses, people, and planet.