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Atlassian: There's no right way to make a design system

Design systems are hard. They’re messy and complicated - No one has it figured out and we’re still all learning from each other.’

Atlassian's Alex Skougarevskaya speaksabout the less-than-linear evolution of their design system and the lessons she learned on the way. She covers the current state of their design system, who creates it and how it evolved from a project to a ‘product for products’ to what it is today - a service enabling Atlassian’s to build cohesive product experiences that unleash the potential of every team.

From Alex - expect honesty and passion, and if nothing else you’ll hopefully feel better about the mess your own design system is (probably) in and have a few laughs along the way.

About the speaker

Alex Skougarevskaya

Photograph of Alex Skougarevskaya

Senior Design Manager at Atlassian

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