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Co-designing in 2021 – Transformation in Methods and Tools

Co-designing can be described as a participatory prototyping process with co-designers engaged in making, telling and enacting future artifacts and experiences.

With the move to online communication during the pandemic, the tools and methods for co-designing have needed to change. In this talk, Liz Sanders Ph.D. shares examples of this transformation and discusses which of these transformations are here to stay.

The hosts for this event were Sofia Ryan Ph.D. and Kea Zhang. This event aired on 10 February 2021

About the speaker

Liz Sanders, Ph.D.

Photo of Liz Sanders

Liz Sanders is the founder of MakeTools, LLC where she explores new spaces in the emerging design landscapes. As a practitioner, Liz introduced many of the methods being used today to drive design from a human-centered perspective. She has practiced participatory design research within and between all the design disciplines. Liz’s current research focuses on co-design processes for health and wellbeing. Liz joined the Design Department at The Ohio State University (OSU) as an Associate Professor in 2011 after having worked as a design research consultant in industry since 1981. At OSU she invites students to use co-designing to address the significant social, cultural and environmental challenges we face today.

Liz has a Ph.D. in Experimental and Quantitative Psychology and a B.A. in both Psychology and Anthropology.