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Designing for planet-friendly diets

It turns out that eating in a more climate-friendly way is surprisingly easy. And yet most of us have it wrong.

This talk, based on CICERO's research on climate friendly food, explains why our food choices matter, and shows how you can easily make impactful changes.

The speakers also share some reflections on the challenges of designing for climate-friendly diets.

About the speakers

Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen

Photo of Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen

Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen is a service designer, board member and UX lead at Oda. During the pandemic she had a front row seat to the strategic, operational and design decisions made to adapt to the situation.

Bob van Oort

Portrait photo of Bob van Oort

Bob van Oort is a biologist and senior researcher at CICERO, the center for international climate research.

He works across the natural and social sciences finding ways to make our food systems more sustainable. He leads the VOM research project on policy measures for a food system transition.

In VOM, many different stakeholders within the food system and other research institutions collaborate to identify opportunities to increase plant based food production and consumption in Norway.

About Oda

Known until early 2021 in Norway as Kolonial.no, they recently announced plans to go global as Oda, starting in Finland and heading for Germany. They see themselves as an optimistic and ambitious tech scale-up that just happens to sell groceries.