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Designing micromobility

Whee! is driving a revolution in personal transportation with a electric cargobike as a service. More flexible than public transit, more sustainable than cars, it takes away all the trouble of owning and maintaining your own cargo bike.

By designing an integrated system with their own bikes, software and services, Whee! are making cargo bikes a genuine transit option for people living in cities.

About the speakers

Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid

Kari Anne is a designer, leader and activist who has been working with the intersection of transportation and space, and sustainable mobility since she started design agency Hoi! Oslo in 2017, from which Whee! is the first offspring.

She is a mother of 3, former head of Oslosyklistene and to her the ebike is a trojan horse. On the surface a reasonably priced and super practical transport mode, but underneath, it is a transfomational tool that solves a multitude of problems on a societal level.

Anders Hansen

Anders Hansen onstage at IxDA Oslo

Anders Hansen is an Industrial Designer with a long and merited international career in companies like Sony Ericsson and Philips, He is the only one we know with 2 designs permanently exhibited at MoMa(!).

Anders has designed items ranging from buses to mobile phones, and a lot in between. In 2016 he moved into the micromobility industry and led the teams developing a new smart bike sharing system for Urban Sharing, before he joined the Whee! team in 2020.

Now he leads a bike project a goal of revolutionizing the industry, named HUV — Human Utility Vehicle

About Whee

Whee! is all inclusive cargo bike as a service, or an alternative mobility cleantech startup if you will.

Becoming a parent marks the transition to a car based lifestyle, so Whee! are offering a car alternative to the users that need it the most, households, often with kids in dense urban areas.