Building services around hardware, with reMarkable, No Isolation and Whee! Join us at 16:30 for afterwork. Talks start at 18:00

Building services around hardware - with reMarkable, Whee and No Isolation

This event was livestreamed. You'll find links to the recordings below.

On Tuesday 14 March, we hosted an after-work event at MESH Youngstorget, followed by and talks by reMarkable, Whee! and No Isolation!

The talks took us through how designers and technologists have worked through the challenges of building products that tightly integrate hardware, software and services.


This time, we tried something new: "afterwork". We invited our members to hang out with us at MESH's bar from 16:30.

reMarkable brought their new Type Folio for testing, Whee! brought their new bikes and No Isolation had a Komp and an AV1 on hand for demos.

Members of IxDA Oslo's community test the new Type Folio keyboard from reMarkable
Testing the new Type Folio keyboard from reMarkable
Members of the IxDA Oslo community testing the No Isolation Komp with Simon Oliver Ommundsen
Simon from No Isolation demo'ed the Komp and AV1
No Isolation devices Komp — a screen with camera and one-button operation — and AV1 — a remote presence unit — in display at MESH Youngstorget
No Isolation's Komp ("buddy") and AV1 units

A Tern electric midtail bike stands parked outside MESH Youngstorget. Behind the bike, IxDA Oslo's banner is visible.
Whee! brought one of their Tern electric midtail with them for demos

Fierce quiz competition

Our new Kahoot quiz series saw intense competition, with contestants vying for our super-deluxe prize package, which consists of:

Jens Obel of IxDA Oslo stands onstage at MESH Youngstorget with two design books and stack of method cards in his right hand, while speaking into an handheld mic. Behind him, a large screen shows the names of the participants in the upcoming Kahoot
Jens Obel of IxDA Oslo presenting the prizes for the Kahoot

A member of the IxDA Oslo community has Kahoot open on their iPhone and has just submitted a wrong answer to our quiz
Wrong answer! Some of these questions were tricky 🤓


📺 Watch reMarkable's talk →

reMarkable is on a quest to help more people think better through technology.

They recently launched the reMarkable 2 and the Type Folio. Along the way, they transformed their digital notebook from a stand-alone product to an entire ecosystem for note-taking.

Stian Surén took us through the challenges and opportunities when designing and developing a product from scratch, without established paradigms or guidelines to lean on.

Stian Surén of reMarkable onstage at IxDA Oslo's meetup Nº 149, in the Atrium at MESH Youngstorget
Stian Surén discussing the development of the new Type Folio
Stian Surén of reMarkable onstage at IxDA Oslo's meetup Nº 149, in the Atrium at MESH Youngstorget
Stian Surén presenting on behalf of reMarkable


📺 Watch Whee's talk →

Speakers: Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid & Anders Hansen

Whee! is driving a revolution in personal transportation with a electric cargobike as a service. More flexible than public transit, more sustainable than cars, it takes away all the trouble of owning and maintaining your own cargo bike.

By designing an integrated system with their own bikes, software and services, Whee! are making cargo bikes a genuine transit option for people living in cities.

Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid of Whee! onstage at IxDA Oslo's meetup Nº 149, in the Atrium at MESH Youngstorget
Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid of Whee! speaking about sustainable mobility
Anders Hansen of Whee! onstage at IxDA Oslo's meetup Nº 149, in the Atrium at MESH Youngstorget
Anders Hansen of Whee! speaking about the un-serviceability of today's electric bicycles

No Isolation

📺 Watch the talk by No Isolation →

No Isolation aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness, and make difficult life transitions a little easier by developing warm technology.

So far, they have launched Komp and AV1

Komp is a one-button computer that bridges the communication gap between those that struggle to use modern day technology, and their more tech-savvy family and friends.

AV1 is your eyes, ears and voice in the classroom on the days you cannot attend school. It is a telepresence robot that ensures no student misses a class, break time or conversation with friends. It is more than remote learning — it is the next best thing to being there in person.

Simon Oliver Ommundsen, formerly of No Isolation speaking at meetup Nº 149
Simon Oliver Ommundsen explaining the process of getting hardware certified and ready for sale
A member of the IxDA Oslo community draws the No Isolation devices Komp and AV1 on a reMarkable 2 while listening to Simon Oliver Ommundsen's talk
Drawing the No Isolation AV1 and Komp on a reMarkable 2