Banner with text: Design for a Complex World with frog, Halogen and DSB

Design for a Complex World with frog, Halogen and DSB

This event has ended. The recording will be released soon!

About the speakers

Marie Van den Bergh

Portrait of Marie Van den Bergh

Marie is passionate about Systemic design and Complexity work. Through her work as design researcher and coach at the Systemic Design Lab at TU Delft she has developed knowledge and experience into this field.

Jonathan Romm

Portrait of Jonathan with arms crossed and glasses

Jonathan is a practicing designer and an Associate Professor at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). He is currently engaged as a partner, senior service designer and consultant at Halogen. He holds a PhD in Design.

Kevin Ehrenberg

Portrait of Kevin leaning over a chair

Kevin Ehrenberg is a designer with experience from projects within preparedness, health, digitalization and foresight, both in private and public sectors. He works as part of the service design studio at Halogen.

Anna Tronstad

Portrait of Anna smiling

Anna Tronstad is a senior advisor at the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, Department for Emergency Communications.

The past years, she has been responsible for projects and strategic processes with the aim to ensure collaboration across sectors and disciplines.

About frog

frog is a leading global creative consultancy, part of Capgemini Invent. Partnering with passionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, frog applies creativity, strategy, design, and data to re-invent businesses, drive growth, and orchestrate customer centric transformation. Together we strive to shape a regenerative future that is both sustainable and inclusive for businesses, people, and planet.